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Spring FAI Days are back

2024-03-20 19:11

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Spring FAI Days are back

On Saturday, March 23, and Sunday, March 24, the Spring FAI Days return, with hundreds of sites across Italy opening their wonders to visitors.

Tourists in Florence

On Saturday, March 23, and Sunday, March 24, the Spring FAI Days return, with hundreds of sites across Italy opening their wonders to visitors. Since 1993, the FAI (Italian Environment Fund) has been organizing these events, which are renewed every spring and autumn.


But what is FAI? It's often mentioned in relation to the famous Days, but many only know it as an acronym. The association was founded in 1975, with the aim of safeguarding and enhancing Italy's historical, artistic, and landscape heritage. Organized according to a ten-year strategic plan and a three-year operational plan, FAI operates based on seven foundational values.


Knowledge and expertise, enabling the connection of tourism with history and context. Concreteness, turning ideas into tangible actions. Coherence, demonstrating actions reflecting beliefs. Independence, free from political, religious, or ideological constraints. Quality, striving for excellence in actions large and small. Curiosity, proposing unconventional itineraries capable of inspiring wonder. Productive leisure, cultivating quality leisure time.


In addition to the Spring FAI Days, FAI engages in eight areas of intervention: places, territory, relationships, people, education and conservation, zero impact, sustainability, and civic engagement.


The FAI Days, in their more than thirty-year history, have progressively revealed a hidden part of Italy's vast artistic, cultural, and environmental heritage. Moreover, the growing interest of visitors in the initiative has also sensitized both public and private institutions, leading to the addition of new sites to the long list of visitable locations each year.


In addition to the Days, FAI organizes other nationally significant events. One such initiative is “Places of the Heart”, in collaboration with Intesa Sanpaolo Group. This biennial event aims to launch a census dedicated to Italy's artistic, cultural, and landscape heritage, allowing people to vote for their favorite places. At the end of the census, a call for proposals is opened, and all places that have received at least 2500 votes can submit a project for funding.


Another initiative is “FAI Summer Evenings”, with extended opening hours for various FAI properties, along with special events, such as astronomy lessons, concerts, activities related to local summer traditions, trekking, and walks.


Returning to the Spring FAI Days, the appointment is for the upcoming weekend. We at Audiogiro also await you, with all our audio guides and some sites, such as the Military Arsenal of Venice, which are FAI properties and will have special openings on Saturday and Sunday.


Happy exploring!





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