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Related content and Carta del Docente: Audiogiro expands!

2023-06-18 20:03


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audiogiro and carta del docente's logo in the Audiogiro expansion article

Audiogiro has been operational for a few months now, and as the number of audioguides in the area continues to grow, we have several new features!

logo di audiogiro e della carta del docente nell'articolo sull'espansione di Audiogiro

Audiogiro has been operational for a few months now and, while the number of audioguides in the area continues to grow, there are important features we have introduced for users (and teachers). While on the one hand we want to facilitate the tourist's experience within our web app, on the other we want to try to spread the message as much as possible that culture can be within everyone's reach, in line with our mission. And it is precisely with these guidelines that we present the three Audiogiro novelties!

Here come the audio recommendations

The first, by popular demand, concerns audio recommendations. Given the increase in available content, it can be difficult for a user to make a sort of "route" to the place they are visiting, so... we'll take care of it! Within the player, in fact, there is now a 'Show guides close to you' button. By clicking on it, the user will have all related audio guides in the vicinity at his or her fingertips. This will allow the tourist not to always have to resort to the navigation map, creating an even more immersive experience!

la grafica del player di Audiogiro

15 minutes of free listening

The second novelty is a promotion that concerns anyone who subscribes to Audiogiro. When you register, in fact, by giving your consent to receive the newsletter (which can, of course, always be revoked later), you will be entitled to 15 minutes of free listening time! As soon as the registration is complete, the profile will be activated with the 15 minutes already preloaded and usable with all the audioguides on the portal. There are no further steps to take and no payment is required: we are proud of our system and its content and want all people to be able to sample a piece of it! Of course, guides can also take advantage of this promotion, simply registering as users (with a different e-mail address) and enjoying all the benefits of being on the other side.

la grafica che mostra come ottenere la promo di 15 minuti

Audiogiro joins the “Carta del Docente” circuit

The latest news concerns our agreements with the circuits. In fact, integration with the Carta del Docente system is now active, allowing teachers to purchase packages from our platform (30, 60 or 120 minutes). The procedure is simple: by accessing from your "Carta del Docente" portal, simply search for Audiogiro in the physical points, within three categories: museumsexhibitions and cultural events, or books and texts, under the municipality of ROSA' (VI). Once you have chosen your package and obtained your voucher, simply send it to for validation. You don't need to open a profile on Audiogiro (if you don't already have one): we will send you a link for direct access to the platform, with the purchased minutes already pre-loaded in a profile ready to use... simpler than that!

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