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Our services

Audiogiro is a company that operates in various fields, primarily supporting cultural institutions and corporate entities. Thanks to our qualified and attentive team, you can rely on a vast ecosystem of services, including assistance with accessibility and inclusivity requirements. Contact us to learn more!


Audio guides

We produce multilingual audio guides and customized interfaces for cultural institutions.



We provide consultation and support for all the business digitization processes you need to implement.



We accompany and assist you in the process of adapting your information systems to accessibility standards.



We catalog and digitize archival and library assets, offering support for dedicated interfaces.



We study and set up a customized omnichannel marketing strategy for your brand.

Our mission

How many people would like to explore the world and discover the history of cities, monuments, parks, castles, natural attractions... without time and space restrictions?

Inspired by this idea, we created Audiogiro, a platform that allows tourists to experience a new type of cultural journey. Thanks to the interactive map, you can choose from hundreds of locations and select your favorite tour guides. Their voices will take you through the stories of the most evocative places in the world. There's no need to download any app: Audiogiro works on any mobile and desktop device. All you need to do is open the web app... and start exploring!

Once you have purchased the minutes you want, you can spend them whenever and wherever you wish to, without restrictions. Remember: all our audio guides are developed by licensed tour guides, advanced digital guides or in collaboration with museums and cultural institutions. You can explore their profiles and discover all their audio guides. You can also rate and review them, so that others may benefit from your experience.

Audiogiro is an inside/outside service: in addition to the outdoor spaces, you can listen to the audio guides in museums and historic buildings... even offline!

The team

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Domenico Baggio
Paolo Brasolin
Lorenza Tronconi
Content Manager
Silvio Carnassale
Media & Communication

I have always thought that culture was the best offer for the tourist. Living in a mountain town, I love discovering even unfamiliar places. Audiogiro immediately struck me as the right service for this: it combines the independence of travel with the experience of listening to a real guide, simply using your smartphone.

I always had a desire to know the history of what I see. With Audiogiro, I like the idea of being able to connect tourists and cultural operators, to share the knowledge and dissemination of culture, creating a network that enhances the area and helps us understand who we are, starting from the knowledge of the past to design a better future.

Digital communication is my business. History my passion and education. The preservation of culture has always been my bump and with Audiogiro I saw a concrete chance to combine what I do and what I want to do. In my opinion, the first step in promoting culture is to communicate in the best way, so that everyone can understand it.

I have always been a programmer and a traveler, and my undisciplined curiosity has guided me in both. This is precisely why I became infatuated with the idea of Audiogiro: instead of standing in a line behind the guidebook keeping my curiosity in my pocket, I can explore freely by keeping an always-ready guidebook in my pocket!