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5 unique places to visit in Florence

2024-01-08 14:39

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5 unique places to visit in Florence

What are five unique places you absolutely must see in Florence? Discover them with our audio guides!

Gli Uffizi

Florence is a very rich city, which makes it almost impossible to decide what to see among the many historical, artistic and cultural attractions. The Uffizi and the Duomo are very famous, but there is much more you can discover. We have tried to put together a short starting list: whether it is your first visit or you would like to explore the city in more depth, it will certainly help you get your bearings.

Palazzo Pitti

This Renaissance palace was acquired in 1549 by the Medici family and became the main residence of the Grand Dukes of Tuscany. In addition to the garden, the Galleries, the Royal Apartments and various museums, on the ground floor it is possible to visit the permanent exhibition of the Grand Dukes' Treasure, to which tour guide Piera Socini has dedicated an in-depth article on Audiogiro.

La chiesa di Santa Felicita

In this church, more precisely in the Capponi Chapel, there is a very precious testimony of Mannerism, the Transportation of Christ (or the Deposition) by the painter Pontormo, who knew fame and disgrace due to his talent and his character described as difficult and 'saturnine'. The painting is considered one of the greatest masterpieces of art and one of the founding works of Mannerism itself.

Il Battistero di Firenze

Located opposite Florence Cathedral, the Baptistery is an icon of Florentine identity with religious and political significance. Built in the 9th century and enriched over time, it is an Italian Romanesque masterpiece famous for the mosaic decoration of the vault and the magnificent marble carpets of the floor. It is also a place dear to the poet Dante Alighieri, who was baptised here.

La chiesa di Santa Trinita

The church, which gives its name to the square it overlooks and the nearby bridge over the Arno, is particularly important for the precious works of art housed inside. On Audiogiro you can find a track recorded by tour guide Eleonora Galardini, including an in-depth look at the crypt, the Bartilini-Salimbeni, Sassetti and Davanzanti Chapels and the 'crucifix of the miracle'.

il famoso Ponte Vecchio a Firenze

A bridge that needs no introduction. Besides being one of the oldest, it shines with its many jewellers and art shops nearby. It is definitely worth a visit, especially at night, when the waters of the Arno river glisten under the stars and the atmosphere in the city is even more atmospheric.

Our recommendations end here for now, but your journey continues on Audiogiro: Florence awaits you!



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