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A year with Audiogiro

2023-12-19 15:56

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A year with Audiogiro

Let's sum up Audiogiro 2023!

Tour guide with tour group

It is now almost a year since the Audiogiro network took off, with the launch of our web app and the first audio content online. Since then, the entire team has moved to expand and consolidate the service's presence in the territory, with the aim of offering more and more content to the people and facilities that use it. But let's go in order.

In February, we presented our project at the microphones of Canale Italia, within the StoryTime programme. In March, on the other hand, our network played a leading role in the exhibition “Cromatismi” by Alessandra Zaltron, held in Bassano del Grappa. On that occasion, the artist recorded explanation tracks for her paintings, available for free listening on our platform. The same month also saw the launch of the new blog, which has accompanied us periodically since then with insights on tourism and the world of culture. In June, Audiogiro officially became part of the “Carta Del Docente” circuit, thus opening the door to listening by teachers.

The month of July was eventful. Audiogiro launched the “advanced digital guides”, which supplemented the work of the traditional guides with cultural pills, thanks to content verified by a historical consultant. In addition, the new website was also unveiled, with revamped graphics, updated FAQs for users, guides and cultural organisations, a services page and a new “featured” section. Speaking of services, July was also an opportunity to present all the activities that our company offers, which do not only include the creation and management of audio guides. Thanks to the company team, in fact, Audiogiro also offers consultancy and support services for all processes of corporate digitisation, promotion on social networks, accessibility of digital content and management and digitisation of archival heritage.

In August, the collaboration project with the Oliero Caves Nature Complex finally took shape with the placement of dedicated signage throughout the site. In October, Audiogiro reached a symbolic but important milestone, with as many as 1,000 audio guides on the platform. November saw the press conference for the presentation of Audiogiro in Bassano del Grappa, in the presence of representatives of the municipal administration. The occasion also saw the official launch of the complete tour of the city, usable in three languages, and the partnership with the Civic Tower, which became a point of sale for vouchers to purchase the audioguides, created with the collaboration of MAReA Cultura APS and available for each floor to be visited. Lastly, in the month of December we forged relationships with local businesses, such as restaurants and hotels (specifically, the Ristorante Birraria Ottone and the Bonotto Hotel Belvedere), at which it is possible to obtain a 5-minute free voucher with which to start visiting the city of Bassano del Grappa.

Audiogiro currently offers audio guides in 7 languages, with a presence in 13 Italian regions and a total of 1,250 tracks, both paid and free. Enjoy listening!




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